They reminded victims

They reminded victims of “Press Club” with gay pride high – A year after the massacre in Orlando. Where dozens of people lost their lives when a man entered a nightclub in the homosexual community and fired at those present, groups representing lesbians, homosexuals, bisexuals, transgenders (LGBTQ) In English) congregated in the city of Las Vegas.

From 7 pm on Sunday, June 11, with multicolored flags, different groups filled the spaces of the 500 South Grand Central Parkway. Not only as a sign of pride in their sexual identity but also to remember that they are active and Which contributes to society. ”

“I was born a woman”

Its original name is Orlando Luna. He is 30 years old and identifies himself as Oriana. “I like Oriana because it was the name of a great writer (Fallaci Italian writer)”. He explained while showing his best smile.

“I’m a woman, I feel like a woman. And this is very serious. However, for some reason, I was born in the body of a man. Instead of feeling trapped, being stuck in my body. I assumed my sexuality with maturity “explains Luna.

“I think it’s nice when you can free yourself and identify yourself. When you are able to take what you feel. These kinds of events help those who share this life to celebrate diversity. Who we are, and show it with pride. ”

For her, despite the advances, it is important to maintain the struggle for her rights. “15 or 20 years ago was very difficult, and more so in the Latino community. Homosexuality is very poorly seen, perhaps because of our religious background. And although we have now advanced. We have managed to overcome so much intolerance, there is still much to do. ”

Serving the community

One of the organizations that supported and sponsored the event was Planned Parenthood. When asked why this decision, one of its organizers, Cassie Charles commented that in this group “we believe that all people should have the right to medical care regardless of the sex with which they identify or sexual orientation”.

The event was attended by key policy figures who have shown their support for this community, including Assemblyman Nelson Araujo, State Senator Aaron Ford, as well as television reporters such as Miguel Martinez of Fox 5 in Las Vegas, among others.

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