THE 10 MOST BEAUTIFUL AND FAMOUS COLOMBIANS. Check out the list of 10 most beautiful Colombian celebrities. Let’s know details about them.

Sofia Vergara

Beautiful and very funny. Her role in Modern Family has given her international fame. She is the highest-paid actress on television, according to Forbes.

Sofia Vergara


The Barranquilla is one of the great stars of Latin music. With her sexy hip movement, she captivated millions around the world.


Paulina Vega

She made history by giving Colombia the second Miss Universe crown in 2014.

Paulina Vega

Ximena Duque

The young woman born in Cali is one of the most beautiful faces in the novels. He was part of the stellar cast of “Courageous Heart”, which made it known in numerous countries around the world.

Ximena-Duque pics

Fanny Lu

The real name of this beautiful Colombian singer is Fanny Lucía Martínez. It is considered “the queen of the tropipop”, genre that fuses tropical and pop.


Jessica Cediel

After a successful career in Colombian television, the beautiful hostess moved to Miami to be part of Univision’s ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ program. She has been seen close to Hollywood actors like Jeremy Renner.


Catherine Siachoque

Known for her famous villain characters, she is one of the most recognized actresses in the world of soap operas. He worked in “The House on the Side” and “Where This Elisa?”, Which were a great success at the international level.


Paola Turbay

Born in 1970 in Houston, Texas, of Colombian parents of Lebanese descent, she has made a career as an actress, presenter and model. It was Miss Colombia and it arrived at the second place of Miss Universe in 1992.
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Angie Cepeda

Born in Cartagena in 1974, this beautiful actress has a successful career in film and television. One of his most remembered roles was that of Luz Maria in the telenovela of the same name.


Natalia Paris

Born in Medellín in 1973, she is an actress, model, DJ and businesswoman; Creator of a line of personal care products that bears his name.

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