I’m going to cut the bullshit and let you know how to make some BTC. This is my big, easy to comprehend list of bitcoin faucets, and how to use them. This is more than a list, but a guide. Right now I am assuming that you have a basic knowledge of the phenomenon known as bitcoin. If you’d like a little bit of guidance, check this informative video out. Okay, so now that we’re clear on what you know on bitcoins, and assuming you have a wallet, (I reccomend for an online wallet) we can move onto how you make some moolah. There are a few ways to get bitcoins, such as mining, donations, trading and using faucets. We’re going to cover faucets. A faucet is a site in which you receive a microtransaction in a relatively short amount of time. they can vary in amounts they pay, but I’ve found the best way to do it is by going to many sites that use The good thing about this, is that all you need to do is enter a captcha and you’re done! It’ll proceed to go to and once you hit the pending amount, it’ll all be sent to your wallet. It took me a while to figure this out, I thought that the faucets were scams. Then I saw the small little message that alerts you of, and after looking around for a bit I found this. You’ll get paid as soon as you reach 0.00005500 BTC. So I went to a lot of faucets over the period over a day, until at one stage I hear my phone go off with a text saying “0.00005500 Bitcoins have been successfully transferred to your wallet.” Boom! That was my first earning. Okay, so just keep in mind that you shouldn’t click ads (I know you aren’t an idiot just for clarification) and yeah, enter your bitcoin address when it prompts, and enter the captcha as prompted. Then open a tab at and check it every now and then, and before you know it you’ll hit the required BTC. Take it easy, and I wish you luck on your journey into the world of bitcoin. Here’s the links. (Not spam, they keep the blog running.) COINBOX USED HERE ON (GOOD THING!!!!) This list will be updated every now and then, I am an active administrator of this site. If any links are broken, or if they are defective, please let me know in the comments! I have tested these with my own address, and by using every single link here I was able to surpass the limit that CoinBox gives you. The best site I have found, is . Why? It gives you 20 tries at a game, in which you can make a LOT of satoshi. the best thing, is that it goes to, meaning if you somehow haven’t gone past the payment threshold in coinbox, you can play this game and I GUARANTEE that you’ll get past it. Thanks for reading, and the best of luck in the world of Bitcoin! Feel free to donate ;) BTC: 17tmL8Jsa4Hv9ZVVwtKCgrpqr1TbaNxgMp