Brian Vic

Lives in dallas, Texas, United States Male
About Me
I am Brian,
A civil Engr from USA,
A widowed,
Looking for A good woman to date and love.
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Hello My name is Anita, I am tall ,good looking, perfect body figure and sexy. I saw your profile and was delighted to contact you, I hope you will be the true loving, honest and caring person that I ...View More
My name is General Margaret H. Woodward, A US Army, i would like to start a relationship with you. there is something very urgent and much important which i will like to discuss with you, please I would like you to contact me via this e-mail ( genneralmargaret @ gmail . com )
sgt leigh ann
Hello My name is sgt. Leigh Ann Hester. i work with the United States Army, am a soldier currently deployed in Iraq. I am contacting you for a lucrative business offer that might interest you. I will ...View More
Greeting my name is shadey, kindly reach me here ( Thanks
Nice to meet you reach me at my id ( please send me your mail to my box ok i will send you my pictures
Thanks for accepting my friendship. Please write back to me on ( as i dont have much time to chat and i will like to tell you about me there.
i love ur profile, am mrs Maria Ann I have a special reason of contacting you so i would like you to respond direct to my email address here ( there i can tell you everything...View More
Hey, how are you? contact me through ( tonia.caron@ ) I will send my photos and tell you the reason for our communication. Your friend, Tonia.
maria harris
dear am not always here on this site contact my id(
Joyce Scott
Please contact me directly to my personal email address, I have some privacy to say, respond directly to my email address( joycescott44 )so we can have a private conversation I will now b...View More
Greeting my name is laura, kindly reach me here ( Thanks
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