If you frequently chat with random stranger people on the online platform, this probably providing you a great way to get involved yourself with different other countries people. This is a straight and shortcut way to know the world at a glance. That’s great if you have online friends with whom you share your experiences, emotions, and even introduce them to your native country. But, have you ensured the complete safety while chatting and sharing your information with some random people that also can be physical unknown to you? If, not then soon organize and manage a safety level while chatting with random people.

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Although many people do conduct safety adherence before chatting with unknown people, some overlook this critical factor as they think that there is no such thing about hacking or treachery and trust them fully. But, it should not be the attitude while you are chatting with a random person. OnlineChatUs not only provides you a vast platform to come across people from different countries but also offer you some tips and tricks to safely navigate the platform or website. Here are some of the safety tips you should follow while chatting with a random girl/boy:

  • First, protect your identity

It is essential that before you start a chat session with the random stranger, you keep in mind that you do not have to reveal your exact identity to the person as he/she can take the benefit of your name. If you start believing the person and want to know more about him/her, then conduct a cross-check session to authenticate the person’s identity and then provide your personal information.

  • Only use trusted online chat platforms

Do not go to any random online chat platform and start chatting with a random stranger! It is the wrong approach! Always, make sure the authenticity and genuineness of the website, for this you can thoroughly check and cross-check the website and then starting exploring yourself to the world. When you chat from OnlineChatUs, you can ensure the complete security and that too without having yourself registered on the website.

  • stay attentive

It’s crucial that you are constantly managing your senses and know what you are writing in the message box. Similarly, when you have video chat, make sure you have planned and briefed what you exactly have to say in such chat session. Also, think twice before sharing any important information, the person might be different from the one you have a regular conversation.

  • Never exaggerate yourself

When you are chatting with someone, it is important that you barely be over comfortable with him/her. Also, you should not forget that getting lenient on the internet can cost you a lot. The minute you feel the unsafe vibe from the other side, limit your conversation with him/her.


Knowing different region people through online random chat is great but also keep in mind that security comes first! When you are chatting online from OnlineChatUs, we provide you an upscale security level to have a pleasant hour with your stranger friend.


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